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About The Practice Three Character Classic

The Practice Three Character Classic is the website of practicing Three Character Classic with PC and mobile. The site is created base on concept that leaning write Three Character Classic. Three Character Classic always consists of 3 kanji. Let's check Three Character Classic! Let's learn writing Three Character Classic! when you press the pronunciation button, pinyin and bopomofo show. It is not a book, so, you can practice Three Character Classic as many times as you like for free!

About Three Character Classic

The Three Character Classic, Trimetric Classic or Sanzi Jing is one of the Chinese classic texts. It was probably written in the 13th century and attributed to Wang Yinglin (王應麟, 1223–1296) during the Song dynasty.
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How to use

You write Traditional Chinese Character at random by handwriting input.
output Traditional Chinese Character
The site questions a Traditional Chinese Character quiz at random

You write Traditional Chinese Character by handwriting input, then push answer.

Show Pronunciation

Pinyin and Bopomofo show by pressing pronunciation button.


Check if your answer is correct or not.

Practice Three Character Classic 3 Kanji times

You can learn writing same Three Character Classic Kanji 3 times.


Move to next Three Character Classic.

How to set handwriting input

Let's set handwriting input by your mobile.


Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add a New Keyboard and select the Traditional Chinese Character and check handwriting input.

About us

I practice Three Character Classic. I build the site for learnig Three Character Classic.